Standard Assessment of electronic report and provision of certificatory advice    £30.00


Where an enquiry involves a complex eye history and multiple reports to be assessed, fee will be based on time taken to complete the individual assessment and to provide a response.  The fee will be based on £120 per hour, split into 15 minute intervals.


Colour vision assessment (CAD test)                                                                                   £120.00


Comprehensive eye exam to CAA requirements                                                              £120.00


Post refractive surgery examination to CAA requirements                                          £120.00


Visual fields (monocular and binocular to CAA requirements)                                   £50.00


Prices are exclusive of VAT which is charged at 20% 


Payment must be taken in advance of assessment of report or at time of booking for an examination.  Payments can be made by electronic bank transfer or by calling 07561 453465.  Please be aware that no assessment of submitted reports will be carried out until payment is received.